Thursday, October 27, 2016

News consumption habits of Dean's Fellows

To post, go to this site and double-click anywhere on the page to get a digital post-it note.  Type in your responses, then just click outside of your post-it note to make your response visible to everyone.  This is anonymous unless you want to add your name.
Let’s start by documenting what news sources you use now.  Please be specific.
            TV News?  What network, or show?
            Hometown newspaper?
            Sports news, entertainment news, fashion news, etc?
            Current event comedy shows?
            Social media sources?
            Specific news apps?

WHY do you use these news sources?
            To pass the time.
            It’s a habit.
            To stay informed on current events
            To learn about the world and/or society
            To escape my daily life
            To be entertained
            Other reasons?

After watching the video, Play this game by yourself or with a partner to see how well you can identify bias.

How you lean politically may be an important factor when identifying bias.  In general, when we agree with something we are less likely to detect bias than if we don't agree with it.  So, in general, it is much easier for a conservative person to detect bias  while watching Rachel Maddow on MSNBC than it is when watching Sean Hannity on Fox News.  This quiz from the Pew Research Center will help you gauge where you fall on the political spectrum.  Each person should complete by themselves.

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