Monday, August 29, 2016

Welcome back!

If  you've stumbled across this blog while clicking around, welcome to BVU.  Or welcome back!

We've made a few changes this summer.   First, our URL has changed, (although the old URL still works to refer you seamlessly to the new one).  We are now at

Also, our web page gurus have figured out a way to display each day's hours on our web page!  You'll see that right above the search window for the catalog.

And we've made some changes to our line-up of article databases.  If you aren't finding what you need let us know.

The BVU Library stands ready to serve you with about 124,000 physical books and 145,000 ebooks, all of which can be discovered in the Library catalog.  Another amazing fact for you--through a combination of our own subscriptions and the full-text in databases we purchase, you have access to the full-text of over 40,000 magazines, journals, and newspaper!  And if you still can't get your hands on what you need, remember to try out our interlibrary loan service to obtain books and articles at no cost to you.

We'll have a booth at the Work-Study fair later this week, so if you need to earn the work-study money you've been awarded, find out more about working at the Library from our staff at the fair.  We have lots of slots to fill in on our schedule, including nights and weekends.

Happy Researching in 16-17!