Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Fake News Evaluation

Test News Story

A. Evaluation Criteria:

1. Who wrote it?  What are the author's credentials?
2. What claims are made?  Can you verify those claims?
3. When was it published?  When did the event it was covering happen?  (Note: "Breaking news" is often inacccurate.)
4. Where was the article published?  Online or in a print publication?  Is there any proximity to the news event?
5. Does the writing style or the claims create an emotional response?  Is extreme language used?

Here's an infographic that covers the five points above, plus a few more.

B.  Once you've evaluated the site, place it on the news grid. 

 How does your group's placement of this story on the grid compare with other groups?

Other helpful links: Lists of fake news sites: Zimdar's ListDaily Dot, Fact Check

C.  Evaluate these four news stories and place on the grid.  

One person in your group should record your decision-making process.  Why did you make the determination that you did?  Evaluating these stories is a "shades of gray" sort of task, so be sure you can explain those decisions.

News Story 1
News Story 2
News Story 3
News Story 4